Are you in the second half of your life?  

Are you questioning who you are or where  you are going?


 Are you ready for help?

Being Healthy in Midlife and Beyond
  • ​The Physical:

    • Does your body feel different to you?​

    • Do you fatigue more easily and heal less quickly?​

    • Are the routines you've relied on to be healthy when you were younger no longer producing the same results?

    • Have you been told that you are pre- diabetic, osteopenic  or heart disease prone?



  • The Meta-physical:

    • Is your mind changing in unfamiliar ways? 

    • Are you somehow someone different than who you thought you were?

    • Do you feel more like you do now than you did before?


Did you know that your brain experiences an enormous myelination bloom around age 50 that enhances your ability to synthesize information and make complex decisions?​ Did you know that the midlife brain is better than the younger brain at "gisting" or deriving the salience of complex matters? Or that the midlife brain is more neurally integrated, and therefore, able to function more efficiently? The accelerated development in certain areas of the brain in midlife provide a rich physiological base from which to take up the callings of the second half of one's life.


The recalibrating of body and mind is part of the lifecycle process during our middle decades. It can be mystifying and frustrating; or, if taken on proactively, it can be vastly rewarding. 


40plus Integrative Health offers programs targeting the unique mental and physical challenges and the emerging opportunities and possibilities of the second half of life.


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