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Courses, Lectures, and Workshops


October 2022: Living Gaia's Alchemy in Midlife and Beyond.   Short Course, Schumacher College, England ( An exploration into the intersection of the neuroscience of the brain in the second half of life, Gaia Theory, and alchemy. 

October 2021: Minding What Matters: The Vital Dance of Body and Consciousness in the Second Half of Life. Short Course, Schumacher College, England ( The dance of body and consciousness in the second half of life requires artistry, dedication, practice, and courage. This immersive weekend short course will give you tools for choreographing this stage of your life and becoming as healthy, effective, and wise as you can be in the second half of life.

April 2016: Boulder County HOPE Conference. Fit and Fulfilled after Fifty: Staying in the Game. Presentation on the neuroscience of the midlife brain and how to craft solutions for physical and mental well-being in the second half of life. 


February 2016: Co-facilitator on Mind in Nature Short Course, Schumacher College, England, with Rupert Sheldrake, Stephan Harding, Philip Franses, Shantena Sabatini, Jonathan Horwitz, Zara Woldbeck (


Sept. 2015 and Oct. 2015: The Neuroscience of the Midlife Brain, Lecture and Experiential. A One day Workshop. Lecture on exciting new discoveries regarding the midlife brain. Includes a yoga-based experiential component.

2015: Mindfulness for the Blues, Grumps, and the Jitters.  A six week course on using mindfulness for depression, anger, and anxiety.  This 6 week course is grounded in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) article citing mindfulness as being as effective as medication for treatment of some depressions, anger management, and anxiety.

2014: Mindfulness.  It’s Not what You Think. A six week course for beginners or those wishing to explore further their current contemplative practice.

2014: Outwitting Life’s Trips and Slips.  Brain Change Tools for Stumbling Less and Thriving More.  A six week course integrating the latest neuroscience discoveries, Nature-based experience, and practices drawn from wisdom traditions and depth psychology on how to use our on-board human operating system to thrive. 

2013: ReCalibrate Camp for Midlifers, including 10 days in Maui.  An 8 week course using myth, poetry, neuroscience,  contemplative practice, Nature-based learning, and travel to become more of who we want to be in the world.

2008: ReCalibrate Camp for Midlifers, including 2 weeks in New Zealand. An 12 week course using myth, poetry, neuroscience, contemplative practice, Nature-based learning, and travel.

On-going in alternate years or as requested: Midlife ReCalibrate Camps (  An 8-12 week experiential course designed to begin answering the question (posed my poet Mary Oliver): "What am I going to do with this one wild and precious life?"  Camp combines physical activity, art, writing, yoga, travel and deep self-study.  Two weeks are spent in a faraway place where the absence of familiar coordinates allows one's newly crafted coordinates to etch themselves into one's being.


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